Nathan Hedge made the final of the trials at The Billabong Pro


Nathan Hedge is part of the High Performance Surf Coaching (HPSC). Currently Nathan is in Tahiti with HSPC head coach Matt Grainger.

Nathan Hedge (AUS), Billabong Pro Tahiti - ASP / Will H-S

Nathan Hedge (AUS), Billabong Pro Tahiti
- ASP / Will H-S

Nathan Hedge made the final of the trials at The Billabong Pro, posting a 9.0 , 9.25 scores over the event beating some big names as Bruce Irons and Manoa Drollett. Nathan collected 2nd in the final qualifying for the main event. A massive effort.

Round 1. Paddled out for a quick free surf. The waves were pumping all the top guys grabbing there fill before the comp started. The swell was 10 feet plus, with the odd 12 footer sneaking through. The Asp top 32 were putting on a great show of skill and talent.

Heat 1 was crazy. Sitting on my board in the channel looking into the pit with Nathan, and his brother Damien Hedge was amazing. Slater was heat 1 against Micro Hall and Seabass.

All boys charged. A big west bowl came through. Kelly Slater swung and went. No hands pumping in a massive clean pit. The bar was set . Posting a big score.

Nathan’s first heat was a cracker against last years winner Ace Buchan and World Champion Joel Parkinson.

The boys all got bombs. Nathan was winning the heat with 4 minutes to go. The clock was winding down Nathan had a 9.25 and a 6 pointer, Ace and Joel needed over 9′s to overtake Nathan.

A two wave set came , Joel and Ace got some big long barrels . Ace a 9.93 and Joel a 9. 8. Ace first .The Hog was the back into third . We were upset but the performance level of that heat were massive.

We regrouped. Watched some more heats. Ready for the afternoon. The afternoon got bigger and the wind picked up. Some heavy west bombs coming through.

Kai Otton surfed a crazy heat against Jon Jon Florence and Jordy Smith. Otto won the Heat.

Heat 2 against Adriano De Souza was intense.

Wind was up and the swell was massive. Big west bowls detonating on the reef with intense force.
The heat was all about commitment. Hoggy grabbed a a couple of average scores as the was weren’t cooperating. Adriano got a west bowl, picking up a 6 pointer.

A bomb came. An ugly beast. The Hog turned and paddled in with fury. Full air drop into the pit, followed with bottom turn inside this scary beast. He did a massive pump to survive almost getting clipped in the heat by the lip. Exited the tube in the spit. The crowd went nuts. The judges awarding a 10 point ride. The only 10 point ride of the day. A few more rides were ridden and some wipeouts.

Nathan wins the Heat.

In my 37 years of surfing it was the most intense day of surfing I have seen. The Hog really pushed the limits. Damien, Nathan’s brother has watched him since he was 10 years at the Northern Beaches Regional Titles. Damien stated that it was his craziest day of surfing he has seen from his brother.

I was stoked be there coaching and supporting Nathan.
Great day.

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